We provide the highest quality criminal defense representation to those in need of expert legal assistance. This firm has litigated criminal cases on the Local, State and Federal levels and Mr. Joyce has over thirty years of experience. Excellent representation in this field requires a comprehensive approach in every case. This style of representation requires the defense attorney to be an expert on the law, tireless in the areas of investigation and trial preparation, and attentive to the needs of the particular client.


Mr. Joyce, a former adjunct Professor of Law at Fordham University, has prepared cases for the United States Supreme Court, argued in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, and litigated in the First and Second Department Appellate Divisions of the New York State Supreme Court. He has trained attorneys at the Legal Aid Society, The New York City Corporation Counsel and has served on CLE panels for the City Bar of New York. Mr. Joyce is also a frequent guest lecturer at Marino Bar Review and CLE courses. Our office prides itself on being properly informed of the most recent trends in the area of criminal law.


Having tried over One Hundred cases to verdict has provided Mr. Joyce with invaluable experience. Every case is treated as a potential trial and all investigation and preparation techniques are designed to insure a favorable outcome. The key to victory is often hidden in boxes of discovery and can only be uncovered by one who is experienced in trial prep.


Each client presents a unique set of circumstances which require personal attention. Possession of a securities license, a specialized driver’s license, and immigration status are all factors which must be fully explored at the inception of the attorney-client relationship. Family and employment relationships can become severely strained under the weight of a pending prosecution. Our office is aware of these stressors and believes that comprehensive, effective representation requires taking time to insure that the collateral consequences caused by facing criminal charges does not needlessly disrupt the lives of our clients.