• After trial resulting in a hung jury, convinced a district court judge to dismiss conspiracy charges where federal agents seized over 150 kilos of cocaine

• Successful litigation of suppression hearing whereby the court ordered that 230 kilos of heroin could not be used by the government at trial. Defendant was released pending the government appeal

• Obtained a three year sentence for an individual who conspired to distribute 5 kilos of methamphetamines. This sentence was procured while overcoming a presumptive mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years.

• While noting the interplay between New York State correction law and the Federal Bureau of Prison's time computation rules, I convinced a District Court judge in the Northern District of Florida to impose a sentence of time served for a violation of supervised release whereby the judge essentially credited my client with the time he had served in state custody.

• Murder charge acquittal by convincing a jury that under New York law, deadly physical force is permitted when protecting one’s property. In this case the property being protected was illegal contraband.

• Murder charge acquittal by challenging the medical examiner’s opinion that the mechanism of death was strangulation. Convinced the trier of fact that the decedent had died of natural causes.

• Obtained full dismissal of weapons charges of well known music industry personality by asserting that the weapon was registered in the client’s home state.